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November 2018 -Portrait Salon, London "John Sutherland, Sunset Tower".

July 2018 - Shorlisted for The British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain: "Romany, 2018" Included in Hoxton Mini Press publication.

March 2018 - Exhibited as part of "Portrait of Progress" exhibition at the Leica Gallery Washington DC.

February 2018 - Solo show at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles.

November 2017 - Portrait Salon, London: "Joe and Duke Brooks, Ennui" 2017.

British Journal of Photography; Portrait of Britain 2017 - "Gwyn Haslock, Praa Sands 2016" and "Sergei, 2017"

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2016, NationaI Portrait Gallery, London and then on a UK national tour: "Seye, Miah, Elijah & Alexander, Regent's Park".

November 2016 - Portrait Salon: "Hudson Mohawke" 2016.

August 2016 - "Solo show: Sarah Lee", The Guardian and Observer, King's Place, London.

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2015, the NationaI Portrait Gallery, London: "Luke, Gaskell's of Wigan".

November 2015 - Portrait Salon, London: "Waiting for Selection, Wimbledon".

October 2015, - Solo exhibition, Leica Gallery, London: "BAFTA REPORTAGE".

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2014, National Portrait Gallery, London: "Lenny Henry".

November 2014 Portrait Salon, London: http://www.portraitsalon.co.uk/


British Journal of Photography; Portrait of Britain 2017: http://gallery.portraitofbritain.uk/

Guardian photo essays: https://www.theguardian.com/profile/sarahlee

LFI Magazine online feature: https://lfi-online.de/ceemes/en/blog/slideshow-sarah-m-lee-1297.html

Netflix The Crown, on set essay: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/ng-interactive/2016/nov/01/filming-the-crown-on-the-set-of-the-netflix-blockbuster-in-pictures

Leica's UK online ad campaign "10 photographers" talking about the reasons they use the M range of cameras: http://vimeo.com/115706085

Leica's LFI Magazine feature "Sidewalk America": http://m-magazine.photography/ceemes/article/show/1064

Leica first issue "M" Magazine, portrait of "Joe and Duke Brooks" to launch the 'Portfolio' section: http://m-magazine.photography/ceemes/article/show/828/

Intelligent Life Magazine, a journey with the journalist & novelist Laura Barton walking the length of Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard from sunrise to sunset: http://moreintelligentlife.com/content/places/simon-willis/boulevard-broken-dreams?page=full